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Cathy Freeman Art
Cathy Freeman

Welcome to our Free Community

Art is a Magnet for Joy and a Means for Pivoting to the POSITIVE- Art Creates a Real Positive Change

Welcome to our Free Community

This is created as a gathering place for this community to share their work, interact with each other, and to share more information offered by Cathy. 

Discover new and exciting ways to create freely and organically with Mixed Media.  Our emphasis is not on making everything perfect ... but rather, making your life...Perfectly YOU. 

This is NOT our paid membership.

  Click Here to find out about the Adventurous Creatives membership.

How long can I visit?

I have created a place you can come anytime day, or night (24/7).  A creative outlet where you can recharge and feel that calming a retreat.    

Share your ideas, & remember the copyright laws.

You will be able to interact and share your work with each other.

A few Rules:   

(To keep this a safe and uplifting community, negativity in any form will not be allowed. I also do not allow promoting, rudeness, vulgar images or language.  If these are found you will be removed.)